Turbulent Desires

Book 2 from the Series

Amanda has made her strong decision.

Tender and attentive, “perfect” boyfriend Carter swapped out for the exotic, blue-eyed, experienced, French doctor quickly falling in love with her.

Amanda’s body goes taut as Jaques’ domineering eyes fell on her, with a sudden memory of that last night at the conference resurfacing. She remembered fully well the feel of his hands as they ran across her skin and his tongue as they did numerous things to her body and mind.

The experience was ever so sensual. Continuous pleasure ignited her wanting, curvaceous body.

This has to be the right decision but what is she going to do with his grand business offer?

She knows what purpose she would like him to fulfill but a high-growth business opportunity would catapult her career rapidly to pure market dominance.

At the same time, a billionaire family reunion party with Jacques by her side augments the deeply pleasurable feeling of him fitting perfectly into her billionaire medical family empire. 

Everything feels amazing. He’s left no part untouched, lighting up her imminent desires. 

She let him have his way, enjoying this much more dominant sexual side of him, it was what she always wanted. 

This was where she wanted to be. 

Nothing could disrupt the comfort and satisfaction she was feeling.



The Love Pulse Series

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