Open Heart

Harvard-educated California babe Amanda is ready to launch the next phase of her medical career. Is she going to stay in Daddy’s billionaire hospital empire or is she going to be swayed by the opinion of the exotic, super hot, French Dr. Jaques’ opinion on her life? The beginning of a deliciously addictive series of […]


Every aspect of Amanda’s life is thriving. Her medical career is flourishing with the “perfect” boyfriend Carter by her side until….she can’t put her finger on it at first. The magnificence of Jaques, the experienced, alluring French doctor seduces her deepest desires and ambitions. Explorations uncover feelings and drive Amanda has never felt before… how […]

Turbulent Desires

Amanda has made her strong decision. Tender and attentive, “perfect” boyfriend Carter swapped out for the exotic, blue-eyed, experienced, French doctor quickly falling in love with her. Amanda’s body goes taut as Jaques’ domineering eyes fell on her, with a sudden memory of that last night at the conference resurfacing. She remembered fully well the […]

Secret Yearnings

The birth of multiple secret yearnings. A shocking turn of events erupts. Christine Christine knew she looked just the way she wanted. Alluring, sassy, bossy, mixed with a little bit of seduction. Managing Director of Morgan’s Medicals, she is now a close family friend of the Ellsworth medical billionaire family. A force to be reckoned […]

Savage Intent

A shocking tragedy causes a fragile heart to long for tender support and love with Amanda entering into an unknown territory of confusion and guilt. She’s surrounded by savage intent. Amanda felt blank and devoid of emotions, sitting up straight on her hospital bed, awfully quiet. No one could exactly tell what was going through […]

Divine Elixir

John knew that this was not just a lustful, heady reaction to Amanda’s illustrious presence and intelligence. He simply could not pretend that this was not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. John creates lavish billionaire experiences and surprises for Amanda. She delights in security and passion in and out of the bedroom with John.   He doesn’t […]

Love Trance

Robust passionate bonds stem from robust passionate values. The bad boy begging for intimacy. The irresistible, generous, devastatingly handsome billionaire doctor her father’s best friend. We fall too fast to worry about the consequences.   We love so hard that we ache when we are apart. Even though previous trauma still haunts the billionaire Ellsworth […]

The Undoing: Prequel

Surrounded by luxury for work in the Bahamas for a global conference….I wasn’t going to limit myself to just that… My silk, flowing dresses skimming so gently over my tiny waist and generous curves are beckoning for the real fun that I had been longing for since…. Tanned by the tropical sun with a sculpted […]

Potent Desires

Kimberly I can’t follow my heart. I refuse to. My heart will not be touched. I won’t permit it. I am a progressive and talented specialist with patients who depend on me for their precious lives and their daily well-being. It’s natural that gorgeous mentors and other professionals would also want to validate their egos […]

Secret Affections

My needs. Your desires. THE CLOCK IS TICKING. I know how to manage women like you. It’s easy for me. You are a beautiful young cherub waiting to be commanded. Time will run out and small useless delays will fade. RAPIDLY. My plan has been flawless from day one. All loose ends will vanish. My […]


Kelly A sweet surprise or a Mystery Club Night at Malibu Paradise? Whatever it is I will be dressing as super hot as I can for the occasion. My makeup will be perfect to pair with my red Versace dress and Manolo Blahnik stilettos. I want to make sure I have that neat yet rough […]

Billionaire Patient Love

I don’t play typical games but in the ones I play, I always win. Regardless of how taboo our relationship might become. I’m all in. The “distractions” I’ve had with Eric have opened my heart and mind properly without needing to find decent lovers for my burning desires. His European background with constant experimentation as […]

Raw Diagnosis

His ex-wife. His own brother. Now his doctor. “It’s a private matter,” I say, hating the implication of those words. “And you don’t feel you can tell me about it.” It’s not a question. Michael sounds angry, disappointed, and—to my horror—hurt. I feel something deep inside my chest crack.”   Warm brown eyes, that soft […]

Candied Exposure

Kelly A secret sweetheart but rough and wild as a lover as I need him to be sometimes taking charge and setting the pace that sends shivers down my spine. He’s just so attentive and respectful toward women. A true immaculately dressed, sophisticated, modern gentleman with a strong and dominating physique that sets my mind […]

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