Open Heart

Harvard-educated California babe Amanda is ready to launch the next phase of her medical career. Is she going to stay in Daddy's billionaire hospital empire or is she going to be swayed by the opinion of the exotic, super hot, French Dr Jaques' opinion on her life? The beginning of a deliciously addictive series of […]


Tantalising, cliff-hanging emotions and beautifully curated passionate and realistic journey of super hot Amanda's deepest thoughts and temptations. Every aspect of Amanda's life is thriving. Her medical career flourishing with the "perfect" boyfriend Carter by her side until....she can't put her finger on it at first . The magnificence of Jaques, the experienced, alluring French […]

Turbulent Desires

Constant sexual tension with juicy age-gap romances, expertly built network of characters . The interwoven plot thickens in Book 2 of the Love Pulse Series. Tensions escalate as there must be some hidden secrets in Jacques past that Amanda does not know about. Turbulent desires captures Amanda yearning for his masterful ways - dominant yet […]

Secret Yearnings

Billionaire success, deep romance and powerful characters – global leaders with inspiring purpose and well-groomed radiance and beauty. This comes with heightened awareness of emotions and new encounters developing into a juicy plot we can not resist. John a long-term family friend invites the whole Ellsworth family to celebrate the launch of his new hospital. […]

Savage Intent

Tragedy uncovers new sensual beginnings. Real savage intent is unveiled in this irresistible, nail-biting twist of events. First movers of new love with breath-taking moments. Shocking. Real. Savage.

Divine Elixir

Super hot charismatic alpha characters in genuine deep love. Lavish bilionaire experiences are installed for Amanda. How will this new discovery impact the Ellsworth empire?

Love Trance

Robust passionate bonds stemming from robust values.

The Undoing: Prequel

He has touched me in a way like no other. His dominance and strong opinions makes me crazy but…. Eric Gray, exotic, experienced, strong yet I couldn’t put my finger on WHY this man is so special.

Potent Desires

Kimberley, a billionaire heiress and a brilliant young doctor is now single having her blossoming career e now 9 years later with a globally successful reputation. She’s been so focused on her career she has not been having many meaningful relationships- only bad boy flings to satisfy her lustful desires. Her elegant and toned body […]

Secret Affections

Kimberly is conflicted with guilt and burning desires. A billionaire heiress doctor navigates her Malibu medical universe with elegance and honest desires Michael’s condition needs more tests to be completed and he remains in hospital. Kimberly looks after him but ends up meeting his ex-wife Susan who is coming daily and causes conflict and questions […]


A man with a secret past. A woman who is afraid to love with all she has. Kelly  A sweet surprise or a Mystery Club Night at Malibu Paradise? Whatever it is I will be dressing as super hot as I can for the occasion. My makeup will be perfect to pair with my red […]

Billionaire Patient Love

How can you trust a man deeply? When is the turning point when you can relax and enjoy fully the relationship? The hook - -what is the real truth about Christopher’s past life? What is the relationship between Kevin and Susan?

Raw Diagnosis

Christopher convinced Kelly to come along with Eric and Kimberly to attend a very up – market restaurant opening and let their hair down from work. The air is heated at first with crossfires between Christopher and Kimberley and Eric and Kimberley although Kimberley is trying to be in on her best behaviour. The sexual […]

Candied Exposure

Loving and romantic steamy.

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