The Undoing: Prequel

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Surrounded by luxury for work in the Bahamas for a global conference….I wasn’t going to limit myself to just that…

My silk, flowing dresses skimming so gently over my tiny waist and generous curves are beckoning for the real fun that I had been longing for since….

Tanned by the tropical sun with a sculpted torso and tall, striking charisma and emerald green eyes….

The thought of his warm, strong embrace sent shivers of pleasure crashing through my body. ….I didn’t have any plans to simply get a job and blend into the crowd, I am going to be one of the best medical practitioners in America- one of the best in the world.

Intelligently satisfying peers drooling at my feet.

I was ready for new, exotic experiences, and to follow the unknown path that felt right at that moment.

Eric flaunts his impressive experiences and equally his flawlessly toned muscles under French designer clothes.

I’ve already gained a leading role at a prestigious hospital in Malibu when I return home from this conference… why am I torn by Eric’s single opinion that I should be in private practice?

This is just a one-off event, just a few days in the sun, building new connections and savage insatiable pleasure allow me to indulge, explore and create my own decisions isn’t it?


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