Secret Yearnings

Book 3 from the Series

The birth of multiple secret yearnings. A shocking turn of events erupts.

Christine knew she looked just the way she wanted. Alluring, sassy, bossy, mixed with a little bit of seduction. Managing Director of Morgan’s Medicals, she is now a close family friend of the Ellsworth medical billionaire family. A force to be reckoned with -she knew what she was gunning for, even if a part of her keeps telling her that she was doing something wrong, but there was the other part that convinced her to go on. 

Richard Ellsworth has always proven himself to be a challenge and he was one big challenge.

Christine was more than ready for the power and strength of an experienced, fit, mature man. She wanted every bit of him, and yes, she was going to have him. He just didn’t know it yet.


He simply couldn’t explain his feelings rising throughout his body. 

He was stuck still for a few seconds as he tried to picture the image of the little girl of his best friend. Amanda, now a famous specialty doctor, a seductress, and a gorgeous lady who has just waltzed into his life as though she owned it.

They couldn’t be, because how then would he explain his feeling this way toward his best friend’s daughter? 

It was clearly forbidden and must not be heard by anyone.


Her eyes traveled down the length of Aiden’s body as that still very foreign feeling erupted from deep within her belly. His dark getup along with the way he was standing in a corner, leaning against a wall, and scrutinizing her, only added to his lone wolf mysterious image in her mind. 

She wondered how long he had been standing there and watching her. 

Mary wanted to say it felt creepy, but she couldn’t because she liked it much more than she wanted to admit.

Her girlfriend’s brother.

A global traveler.



Pure potential hedonism.


The Love Pulse Series

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