Secret Affections

Book 2 from the Series

Kimberly is conflicted with guilt and burning desires.

A billionaire heiress doctor navigates her Malibu medical universe with elegance and honest desires Michael’s condition needs more tests to be completed and he remains in hospital. Kimberly looks after him but ends up meeting his ex-wife Susan who is coming daily and causes conflict and questions Kimberly develops a deep connection with Michael as she treats and reviews Michael’scomplicated condition everyday. Michael and Susan although divorced feels still very loyal and
tender affection but not sexual. Kimberly remains professional and does not succumb to the chemistry she feels with Michael but is slightly touched and attracted to the genuiness of the famous billionaire. Moments of connection and silent passion. Kelly ends up meeting Kevin alone when he turned up as direct family wanting to learn more about Michael’s condition - there is instant attraction.. Meanwhile Kimberly knows that Eric is still nearby and resists any of his temptations given they are working in the same hospital now and she feels Eric’s overbearing and dominant “know-it-all” attitude because he is far more experienced and cardiologists are also extremely well respected in the hospital hierarchy. Sexually her body can’t help but react to thoughts about him but….


The Sensual Treatments Series

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