Savage Intent

Book 4 from the Series

A shocking tragedy causes a fragile heart to long for tender support and love with Amanda entering into an unknown territory of confusion and guilt.

She’s surrounded by savage intent.

Amanda felt blank and devoid of emotions, sitting up straight on her hospital bed, awfully quiet. No one could exactly tell what was going through her head at the moment, and they didn’t seem to be trying to find out. Still, the fear of the unknown appeared to be eating everyone up.

Who can she trust to tell her the truth with her best intentions in mind?

Her romantic dreams have been shattered leaving her vulnerable to the whims of new enticing opportunities leading her, causing further turmoil and unfamiliar explorations.

Clashing grounds and new bonds are formed in this turn of events in the series as the Ellsworth empire attracts opportunists at the height of sadness, grief, and joy.


The Love Pulse Series

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