Raw Diagnosis

Book 5 from the Series

His ex-wife. His own brother. Now his doctor.

“It’s a private matter,” I say, hating the implication of those words.

“And you don’t feel you can tell me about it.” It’s not a question. Michael sounds angry, disappointed, and—to my horror—hurt. I feel something deep inside my chest crack.”


Warm brown eyes, that soft Irish accent melting my unsuspecting heart.

A smile that lights up my world.

His lean and muscular athletic body- raw electricity.

I never saw Michael coming into my life.

I am a distinguished and well-known medical practitioner now with more ambition than money in my name. He had everything at his feet – money, talent, and a global empire at his feet.

We could be limitless together if only I know how to unlock this secret I have now discovered.

Life together could be perfect.

The truth needs to be revealed…to his unsuspecting open heart.


The Sensual Treatments Series

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