Potent Desires

Book 1 from the Series

Kimberley, a billionaire heiress and a brilliant young doctor is now single having her blossoming career e now 9 years later with a globally successful reputation. She’s been so focused on her career she has not been having many meaningful relationships- only bad boy flings to satisfy her lustful desires. Her elegant and toned body with perfect slim curves has been craving a deep connectionwith a long-term consistent romance for the last few months.

Michael a tech entrepreneur billionaire has been referred to see her as such a specialist, she tells Kelly about her patient and feels guilty. She realizes that Michael has a hereditary heart conditionwhich complicates the serious auto immune condition that he has and Eric Gray ends up being the expert in that field and that’s how Kimberly realizes this and sees Eric again. A “fun social situation is created when Kelly meets Eric’s best friend and Kimberly is extremely tempted by Eric’s striking looks and the reminders of the tender night that they had at that medical conference weekend 9 years ago. Malibu is heating heats up as Kimberly listens to her heart.


The Sensual Treatments Series

The Sensual Treatments Series ON AMAZON

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