Divine Elixir

Book 5 from the Series

John knew that this was not just a lustful, heady reaction to Amanda’s illustrious presence and intelligence.

He simply could not pretend that this was not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

John creates lavish billionaire experiences and surprises for Amanda. She delights in security and passion in and out of the bedroom with John.


He doesn’t need to convince his long-term best friend – the famous Dr. Richard Ellsworth that he should hold the keys to his daughter Amanda’s heart.

His hunger for her was paramount and what a striking and magical couple could they be together in love and partnership!


The most divine elixir is what Amanda needs right now – there will be no distractions to this seduction. And so John thought…..

Mary’s elixir seems to be that bad-boy brother she should really not be attached to.

Aiden takes her to new levels of mystique and physical satisfaction she simply can’t resist but is that enough for her heart? Should she listen to others who want to stop her body and mind

from experiencing such heights of pleasure?

The Ellsworth billionaire empire attracts dangerous villains hidden in sheep’s clothing.


The Love Pulse Series

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