Billionaire Patient Love

Book 4 from the Series

I don’t play typical games but in the ones I play, I always win.

Regardless of how taboo our relationship might become. I’m all in.

The “distractions” I’ve had with Eric have opened my heart and mind properly without needing to find decent lovers for my burning desires. His European background with constant experimentation as a norm has entertained me. For now.

I am clear on my pursuit of love and my flourishing career path. Michael has captivated my heart entirely with his energetic and superior intelligence and distinguished presence. I feel dazzling, respected, at ease and so happy around him.

I need to protect Michael, it is in my job and my heart…

Before we can move on, I will unfold the truth about Susan and Kevin. I know I am onto the real truth…

Not long now.


The Sensual Treatments Series

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