Sensual Treatments

The Sensual Treatments Series

Potent Desires

I can’t follow my heart. I refuse to. My heart will not be touched. I won’t permit it.

I am a progressive and talented specialist with patients who depend on me for their precious lives and their daily well-being. It’s natural that gorgeous mentors and other professionals would also want to validate their egos and opinions with my positive and flawless medical research and experience already in this early stage of my career.

The charming and assertive Eric comes into my world again, looking to extract all the untapped sensual desires I’ve not yet tried.

I hate it when he sees the control he has over me… the wild tigress that I become when he unleashes my mind and body…

I’m sure I can focus so why do I wake up every morning thinking of my technology billionaire patient Michael and the love we could make when I cure him back to strong health?


I never give up an opportunity to go clubbing as I’ve always had a weakness for bad boys. Those amber-colored eyes, boyish, cleanly-shaven features, and neat tight t-shirt and jeans just sent a jolt through my body. In a delightful spell-like trance, I followed him to the club’s management office where nobody should be…

With his deep beautiful baritone voice and slightly rough embrace, this was the perfect forbidden cocktail I needed that night.

How could I expect to have this same electric character to be a stable and long-term caring and attentive partner?




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A sweet surprise or a Mystery Club Night at Malibu Paradise? Whatever it is I will be dressing as super hot as I can for the occasion. My makeup will be perfect to pair with my red Versace dress and Manolo Blahnik stilettos. I want to make sure I have that neat yet rough and elegant edge that pairs so sexy and perfectly with Christopher and his successful, bad-boy image.

Christopher has gently taken me with this tenderness and unlocked the keys to my once hidden and suppressed raging libido. My thighs become hot just at the thought of his intricate back muscles all the way trailing down to the back of his thighs and calves.

It’s coming up to six months now, I’m cushioned in this cloud of bliss…. What will happen next?

I relish the anticipation of seeing Kimberly in my thoughts so often in a day. I’ve been in control most of my life to build my technology empire with people at my whim and eager to help and compound my commercial enterprises around the world.

Money is not important to me anymore. I am one of the top twenty billionaires in America.



The pleasures in life to travel all over the world and share the very few locations that I have not been to wake up entangled with my true love is what I am looking for.

I hope it’s not too late….

I must keep my mind and hope strong even if my body is weak…to focus on the dreams I have in my heart and the limitless possibilities we could have with Kimberly by my side….

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