Potent Desires

I can’t follow my heart. I refuse to. My heart will not be touched. I won’t permit it.
I am a progressive and talented specialist with patients who depend on me with their precious lives and their daily well-being. It’s natural that gorgeous mentors and other professionals would also want to validate their egos and opinions with my positive and flawless medical research and experience already in this early stage of my career.

The charming and assertive Eric comes into my world again, looking to extract all the untapped sensual desires I’ve not yet tried.
I hate it when he sees the control he has over me… the wild tigress that I become when he unleashes my mind and body…
I’m sure I can focus so why do I wake up every morning thinking of my technology billionaire patient Michael and the love we could make when I cure him back to strong health?

I never give up an opportunity to go clubbing as I’ve always had a weakness for bad boys. Those amber-colored eyes, boyish, cleanly-shaven features, and neat tight t-shirt and jeans just sent a jolt through my body. In a delightful spell-like trance, I followed him to the club’s management office where nobody should be…
With his deep beautiful baritone voice and slightly rough embrace, this was the perfect forbidden cocktail I needed that night.
How could I expect to have this same electric character to be a stable and long-term caring and attentive partner?

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