November 17, 2023

Read Hating my Billionaire Boss by Nora Michelle #SteamyRomance #AgeGap #BillionaireRomance

Book Title: Hating My Billionaire Boss
By: Nora Michelle


I was about to greet our billionaire CEO for the first time, when I realized I already knew him – intimately.

But I never got his name or number when we first “met” and I hadn’t seen him since.

When the elusive CEO came to visit, I was offered up as his new personal assistant by my boss.
But there are worse things than being demoted to fetching coffee and picking up dry cleaning.

Like finding out he is the hot older man who made my body ache with passion for one epic night a year ago.
Who then ditched me in the morning without a word.

He acted like nothing ever happened, and I hated him.
But being so close made it impossible for me to fight my desire.
And I had a feeling this serious, brooding boss struggled with each sultry look we shared.

Boss and assistant relationships invite risks that even he can’t escape.

We can endure suspicion and jealousy.
But now there’s something I’m not sure we can…

Someone is threatening his career, and mine, if I tell him I’m pregnant.


“Are you firing me?”
Laughter fills my boss’s office following my question, but that doesn’t immediately put me at ease. How would anyone react to their boss telling them that they’re not working for them anymore?
“I’d never fire you, Lana,” Andrew, the New York City office’s marketing director assures me. He lounges back in his chair casually, acting closer to my age of twenty-three rather than his age of thirty-three. He’s the best boss I’ve ever had, though, which makes me wary of this random news.
“But I won’t be working for you any longer,” I clarify, lifting an eyebrow at him as I stand in front of his desk.
“Temporarily. The big boss is visiting our office to check on things, and his assistant over in Seattle is on sick leave. So, I’m having to give up my lovely executive assistant to be his personal assistant during his visit,” Andrew explains with a slightly disappointed look on his face.
I haven’t met Mason Joseph before, even after working at Joseph Media Group] for the last year. I’m guessing he’s some old, snobby man with pockets full of cash and a face full of Botox. That’s how a lot of super-wealthy are in the city , but it’s not like I can say no. I like my job and the last thing that I want is to be fired.
“At least it’s temporary.” I sigh. Andrew has been busy developing new marketing plans for next year. As his assistant, helping with this isn’t exactly in my job description, but Andrew is nice enough to hear out my suggestions. Maybe one day, my ideas will lead me into a job where I can be successful and acknowledged, like him.
It’s not like I’m busy with anything else. I have a roommate instead of a boyfriend because my rent is so expensive. For now, my entire future focus is on my career and nothing else. Sounds fun, right?
“He’s not a bad guy. He can just be a bit uptight,” Andrew replies as he sits up more with a small grin on his face. “Trust me, I would’ve sacrificed anyone else if you weren’t the best at your job.”
My face warms slightly as I give him a grateful look. I came into this field cautiously and nervously, and Andrew gave me a chance with this job and put my mind at ease immediately. I owe a lot of my confidence to him.
“Well, I won’t let you down. I can handle the big boss,” I promise, knowing that my actions are a reflection on him. The last thing I want to do is cause trouble for him when he’s done so much to help me.
Andrew nods his head, looking pleased.
“That’s my girl,” he says. “Hopefully he doesn’t try to keep you.”
I laugh lightly and shake my head.
“You’re the only one who has been gracious enough to give me a chance,” I tell him. I did a lot of learning on the job, which Andrew didn’t seem to mind. He was flexible and generous, and I would be a fool to return his actions with anything but loyalty.
Andrew rises to his feet after checking his watch. He walks over to me and sighs.
“It’s about that time,” he says as he places one hand on the closed door of his office.
I lift an eyebrow at him. “Time for what?”
Andrew brushes his hand through his dark blonde hair with a slightly sheepish look on his face.
“He actually wants to meet you today. Right now. He’s using the corner office at the end of the hall while he’s here,” he informs me.
My eyes widen.
“Right now?” I stammer. I was not expecting to meet the CEO right then and there.
Andrew nods as his eyes sweep over me.
“You’ll knock him dead,” he assures me, giving me an encouraging grin. “Just like you did with me.”
I shift slightly under his gaze, assuming he’s talking about my determination and drive to tackle a job I hadn’t done before.
“Of course,” I say with a nod, not wanting him to doubt me. I start to reach for the door handle, but Andrew’s hand is still perched on it.
“But don’t impress him too much.” He chuckles. “Wouldn’t want you to get swept off to Seattle with him when he goes back.”
“There’s nothing for me in Seattle,” I reply with a faint laugh. There’s no way I’d leave a job that’s so generous to me. The CEO is probably an old jerk anyway.
Andrew holds my gaze for a second before opening the door for me.
“Good luck,” he says.
I give him a little wave before walking into the hallway. I glance back over my shoulder to see him leave the door open and return to his desk. My hands brush over my pencil skirt and white blouse, smoothing the fabric down before making sure no extra strands of my red hair are falling out of my bun. I have to knock Mason Joseph dead, but I can’t impress him too much. That’s a fine line to walk.
However, all Mason probably wants is a nitro cold brew and his suits dry-cleaned, which is below my pay grade at this point. I’ve worked my way up beyond personal assistant and secretary work during the past year of being here, but I’m not going to boast about that to his face if he needs a favor.
I walk down the hallway from Andrew’s office, my heels clicking against the sleek wooden floor. My fingertips lightly dab under my bottom lip and at the corners of my mouth, adjusting my burgundy lipstick as much as I can with the time I have left. The corner office looms just ahead of me, light streaming out of the open door.
When I stride into the last office on the right, I part my lips to politely greet the CEO, but my words get caught in my throat. The handsome man with dark, short hair and matching stubble sitting at the mahogany desk isn’t known as the CEO to me. I know him as the best, most passionate one-night stand I’ve ever experienced.

Meet Nora Michelle

Nora Michelle is a contemporary romance author who delights in bringing entertainment and escape to readers. She loves sharing stories about hot, grumpy, bossy men and sassy ladies, usually with an off-limits twist and a good hit of steam! You’ll see the tension mounting, and just when it looks like the romance is doomed, she’ll hit you up with a happily ever after to leave you feeling good. She lives in Dallas with her loving hubby and two beautiful kiddies. When she’s not day-dreaming up some new and interesting scenario for a story, she’s desperately trying to keep on top of work and laundry, occasionally baking ridiculous cakes and treats for special people in her life. She’s partial to a good chardonnay and her guilty pleasure is watching really bad TV (like really, really bad…) when the rest of the household is in bed.

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