November 1, 2023

Read Fang’s Miracle by Marissa Ann @MarissaAnnBooks #SteamyRomance #Contemporary #Holiday

Book Title: Fang’s Miracle
By: Marissa Ann


Fuck Cancer.

And fuck the sperm donor that decided we weren’t worth the trouble—the day we received our baby girl’s results.

The doctors in Alaska were great, but Olivia needed more. Forced to pack-up our entire world, alone, I searched for an expert willing to operate. When we finally found him, the real trouble began…

How would we ever find a donor in time?

Olivia’s life was on the line; our days together were running out. When a leather covered biker walked through the door, I never expected him to be our miracle. My miracle.

Turns out, we needed a lot more saving than I realized.

Meet Marissa Ann

USA Today Best Selling Author Marissa Ann grew up in two very different worlds, the big city and the rural South. Mobile Alabama offered her the opportunities to not only see other cultures but to experience them as well. Today, she spends her time in rural North Mississippi with her husband, the kids and all of their animals on a hobby farm. She always said she would write books one day even though many thought she never would. She made a promise to a childhood friend who left this world for the next in 2015. That she would finally write and publish at least one. Her first book hit the market in 2018 and she’s never looked back. She now has several out with many more scheduled for release. Her favorite books have a lot of romance with action and suspense mixed in. She loves to hear from others about her books OR theirs.

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