Love Trance

Robust passionate bonds stem from robust passionate values.

The bad boy begging for intimacy.

The irresistible, generous, devastatingly handsome billionaire doctor friend of her father.

We fall too fast to worry about the consequences.
We love so hard that we ache when we’re apart.

Even though previous trauma still haunts the billionaire Ellsworth empire, a new future unfolds for all family members and close friends. 

Amanda and John.

Mary and Phillipe.

Richard and Theresa / Aiden and Christine.

Could the recent business enemies impact their strong foundations of love at risk? Surely none of that matters at all when they are together? 

Has the recent tragedies and business enemies impacted the strong foundations of love 

For better or worse.

We find out in the Love Trance.

Everyone is caught off guard.

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