August 30, 2023

Read My Beautiful Dangerous by Laila Amlani @LailaAAuthor #Contemporary #DarkRomance #Suspense

Book Title: My Beautiful Dangerous
By: Laila Amlani


Every sin comes with a price.

I ran away when I was a kid.
Before my family could break me.
Back when I thought I could still be saved.

Now I lie to everyone about who I am.
I lie to myself about the things I’ve done.
My new identity protects me.
But my secrets demand a lonely life.
No man is worth the risk.

Until Chase Hale…

He makes me forget that I’m unwanted.
He makes me forget what I deserve.
He makes me vulnerable.
He makes me weak.

And that’s what makes him Dangerous.

But when he starts making me believe I might be worth saving, that could be the most Dangerous of all.

Because every sin comes with a price, and when my family comes to collect, there will be nothing in this world left to save me.

Meet Laila Amlani

High Tech Heat! Software analyst by day and author by night. After reaching her fill of logic and data throughout her work life, Laila desperately needed a creative outlet to express her emotional and whimsical (and possibly a little bit crazy) side. And so… an author was born. She enjoys writing romance novels filled with suspense, heart, spice, wit, and a plot twist or two. Her heroines are intelligent, strong, sarcastic, and perhaps a bit quirky. They may start off misguided, but they always mean well. Of course, the men are hot as hell and worthy of a steamy sex scene or two (or three, or four…) to showcase their talents. As someone who devours all genres of books, Laila has a soft spot for love and promises her readers a happily ever after. ​What about her real life? She lives in the desert where it’s almost as hot as the men she likes to write about. She loves her dogs, movies, watching hockey, and someday, she aspires to kick her Cheetos addiction.

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