August 28, 2023

Read Andreas by Kris Holbeck #Contemporary #Erotic #Saga #Steamy #Romance

Book Title: Andreas
By: Kris Holbeck


Andreas Galante has it all: A famous last name, an established career as an art gallery scout, endless money, a life of luxury, youth, good looks, and beautiful women throwing themselves at him. But what does that help when all he wants is to find a down-to-earth woman to live a quiet life with?

Andreas is autistic. His passion for art makes him excel at spotting fresh and up-and-coming artists. His unique talent makes him a cornerstone player with the Galante Galleries, the business his parents started before he was born and that today is of international fame.

As he travels to New York together with his twin brother Lukas, he comes across the work of a young artist, Haley Adams. While standing deeply in thought, studying one of her paintings, she approaches him. She has a magnetic persona, and he immediately feels strangely comfortable talking with her. Could this be the woman he has been looking for?

A heart-warming story with spicy love scenes. A great introduction to the Galante family saga book series.

Meet Kris Holbeck

Kris Holbeck is a contemporary romance author. She enjoys adding a little spice to her novellas and is fascinated by strong female characters. Of Scandinavian descent, she likes to add a touch of cultural perspective to her stories. Her first full series is Heart of the Galante Legacy. When Kris isn’t writing, she loves to hang out with her man drinking fancy coffee on Sunday mornings. Her keyboard sized Chipoodle likes to sleep between her arms while she writes.

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