October 11, 2023

Read Resthaven Cottage by Karin Thompson #Contemporary #Holiday #LoveTriangle #SecondChance

Book Title: Resthaven Cottage
By: Karin Thompson


Meddling is Jillian Osborne’s middle name. Well, it’s not, but it should be.

Running a B&B with the love of her life beside her is a dream come true for Peter and Jillian Osborne. Resthaven Cottage’s idyllic location close to the sea and all the comforts of home offers an exceptional stay for guests, many of whom are struggling with life events, troubles, and issues.

Issues that Jillian knows just how to solve… even if maybe she shouldn’t.

But her ways help the guests that come to stay, and as secrets, sketchy pasts, and truths come out, people’s lives change. And at the heart of everything, Jillian works hard to solve everything her guests face, even things the B&B doesn’t offer. Oh, don’t ignore Bess, their dog. She can sniff out hurt from a mile away, but she’s living proof that dogs are man’s best friend.

Resthaven Cottage will remind you of the power of family, make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes, and you’ll find a new best friend in Jillian. She just wants to help! Even if her methods raise a few eyebrows.


It all started when my darling husband, Peter, woke up with a desire to cook. Peter hadn’t made a meal in his entire life, not even toast. Well, I wouldn’t stop him, would I? I mean, even if he made burned toast, at least I didn’t have to cook.
It turned out that Peter cooked well, and as time went on, his cooking went exceptionally well. I have the extra kilos to prove it. Of course, I didn’t tell Peter about portion control. With food that good, who wanted to ration it?
He started with a basic macaroni and cheese. You couldn’t go wrong with that now, could you? Peter became more adventurous in the kitchen. He bought cookbooks by the dozen. Macaroni and cheese went out the window, and gourmet foods came in. Then Peter started staring into space for long periods. This only meant one thing -trouble. That’s when his light bulb moment came.
“Jillian, you remember that B&B we went to on our honeymoon? he said one lazy Sunday morning as I was enjoying the peace and a mug of steaming coffee. I glanced over at my darling Peter lovingly, the colour rising in my cheeks. He was still as handsome as when I met him forty years ago. Aging suited him with his salt and pepper hair, which brought out the blue in his oval-shaped eyes. A smile came on my lips and a twinkle in my eye. Reaching for his hand, smiling. “Yes, of course. I remember our honeymoon.”
“Well, what is the one thing you remember?”
I looked at Peter, holding my hand over my mouth to cover my grin.
“It was the food, wasn’t it? You remember how amazing the food was?”
I stared with my mouth ajar. “What, the food!” Food was not my first thought.
Peter got up and started pacing around the room. “I’ve been thinking,” he said.
My mouth was open as I bent my head. I took a deep breath and braced myself.
“Why don’t we open a bed-and-breakfast, Jillian like the one we went to on our honeymoon? We could sell up and find a lovely old cottage near the coast.”
I sensed from Peter’s excitement and the high pitch of his voice that he’d been thinking about this for some time. Retirement was lurking around the corner, a change was in the air. There were only the two of us now in a house that was way too big.
I flashed him a smile. “Sounds lovely, dear.”
In excitement, Peter turned and grinned, his eyes sparkling with delight. “You are in?”
Holding my fingers crossed behind my back. “Sure, why not?” Hoping it might be a passing phase, and in time, he would forget all about it.
But that’s where I was wrong, so very wrong.

Meet Karin Thompson

After a nice long walk, Karin enjoys sitting back and reading an excellent novel. She always loved books. She especially enjoys reading and reading to her three grandchildren. Karin feels a good book can take you away from your present reality, and you can join in on the adventures of the characters in the book. Just a few hours in a new world of adventure and drama. Karin loves to write stories to put a smile on your face. Using light humour and relatable experiences to connect with readers of all ages and backgrounds. Her latest novel–The Proposal, is precisely that. Just sit back with a great cup of coffee and enjoy the adventures of her characters with all their difficulties.

Connect with Karin

Website:  www.karinthompson.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karinthompson.author

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karin.thompson_author

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/karin-thompson-ae505803-4f09-4a4c-8d9e-2949cc1d0bc3

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/19254027.Karin_M_Thompson


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