August 23, 2023

Read My Billionaire Enemy by Jenni Gray #Contemporary #AgeGap #Steamy #Romance

Book Title: My Billionaire Enemy (not)
By: Jenni Gray


“My goal is to prove to him that I’m more than just an intern seeking experience, or not just a rich girl playing around in his company.

Julian is my billionaire CEO who looks like a gorgeous celebrity even when he’s cranky… And he’s got his eyes on me—- in a demeaning, “I want to make you suffer” way. At least, that’s what I thought.

From the moment he questioned me in that meeting, I couldn’t stop thinking about him—- how to exceed his standards or how to show off my intellect and skills.

A heated argument suddenly turns into flames of passion. And before I know it, I end up losing my “v-card” to him.

Following the tragic passing of my parents, I have to take over the family business alone.

Then I found myself competing against him for an investor. This is an important deal for my business so I am eager to make it happen. But he always gets in the way.

He’s still damn good-looking and even more tempting. I am annoyed, but I still like seeing him.

Could it be that I’m secretly hoping he will kiss and touch me again like he did in the past?”

Meet Jenni Gray

Jenni Gray is currently an Accountant 9-5, and a writer/mom/wife for the rest of the days. She loves reading romance books all the time. Travelling and exploring new places is her way of getting inspiration to write romantic novels about billionaires, enemies to lovers, age-gap and many more!

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