August 2, 2023

Read A Baby Changes Everything by Isabelle Grace #SecretBaby #SmallTown #SteamyRomance

Book Title: A Baby Changes Everything
Series: Hickory Rodge Book 1
By: Isabelle Grace


Drew Blackwood’s seen his fair share of babies born—he just never imagined the next could be his own!

Veterinarian Drew is the only one of the four Blackwood brothers to have left Hickory Ridge for greener pastures. Though he adores the gentle, rolling mountains that cradle his family’s sprawling Virginia farm, his plans for the future don’t include a permanent return any time soon.

What they do include is accepting an offer of partnership at a prestigious equine facility in his adopted hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. If he’s lucky, he’ll even figure out how to persuade fellow veterinarian and sweetly sexy confidante Hope Logan to acknowledge the crackling chemistry between them, clearly evidenced by the single night of passion they shared weeks before.

But some surprises have a way of changing everything…

When a positive pregnancy test throws them both for a loop, Drew knows he needs to act quickly to keep Hope from bolting faster than one of the Thoroughbreds they treat. He convinces her to join him on an extended trip home to Hickory Ridge. There, amidst the warm embrace of the entire Blackwood family, the quaint holiday traditions of his youth, and his growing feelings for the mother of his child, Drew begins to accept a new certainty: the only future he truly cares about is one that includes Hope and their baby.

Can he convince her to take a leap into the unknown with him?

Previously published as Drew’s Hope.


“Why do I get the feeling that if I’d woken up in my bed this morning, you wouldn’t be in it?” Drew asked.

Hope hugged her knees to her chest. “Probably because I wouldn’t.” And that was the honest-to-God truth.

Sighing, he thrust his long, skilled fingers through his dark hair, disheveling it even more. “I was afraid of that.”

Hope suppressed the urge to reach out. To assure him her compulsion to flee had nothing to do with him personally. That under entirely different circumstances, everything might be different. Like if they didn’t work together. Or if he wasn’t her supervisor.

Or if she hadn’t been informed the day before that her father was dying.

Meet Isabelle Grace

Isabelle Grace is a retired educator who writes sweet to steamy contemporary romances full of heart, humor, and all the feels. Each book contains swoon-worthy heroes and strong, often sassy heroines on their journey to happily-ever-after. Each story is primarily set in a small town, loosely based on her own surroundings in the foothills of West Virginia’s section of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her stories are primarily set in small towns loosely based on her own surroundings in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in West Virginia. When not writing, Isabelle loves to read and spend time with her family, friends, and her rescue Pomeranian, Bella.

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