November 15, 2023

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Book Title: Explorations
Series: The Fractured Addictions Series (Prequel)
By: Lisa Bonahm


Every aspect of Amanda’s life is thriving. Her medical career flourishes with the “perfect” boyfriend Carter by her side until….she can’t put her finger on it at first. The magnificence of Jaques, the experienced, alluring French doctor seduces her deepest desires and ambitions.

Explorations uncover feelings and drive Amanda has never felt before… how will she play this out as a billionaire heiress?”

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The next afternoon, a very frazzled Amanda stared down at paperwork as she ate her lunch. She had just grabbed a cobb salad from the cafe across the street, knowing that this would not be a break from the grind. There were last minute administrative tasks she had to delegate before embarking for the conference. But her mind kept returning to Carter. He hadn’t mentioned the declaration of love that morning, nor had he repeated it. Amanda had spent a ridiculous amount of time mulling over it. Either he didn’t believe that she had fallen asleep last night or he was rethinking what he had said. She wasn’t sure which she dreaded more.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love Carter. She did. But she wasn’t sure if she was ready to say it within the confines of their relationship. There was something there but she had yet to really determine what it was. And she was never one to make decisions without considering all the options. She had chosen Carter over Jaques, though, hadn’t she? She banished that thought as soon as it came into her head. It was never a matter of choosing between two men. It had been purely determined by the merits of the programs and how she could thrive at either one. She had made the right decision and it wasn’t because of how she felt about a man.

Or didn’t feel. God, this was exhausting to think about. Amanda read back over the same revenue cycle report that she had been staring at for fifteen minutes. With a sigh, she placed it back down on the desk and went back to her emails. She had just received the confirmation email for her plane ticket.

Amanda was catching a flight to Boston that night for the Hartwell Robotics Surgery Conference. Something for which she had been thrilled about just 24 hours ago. Now, she felt a pit in the bottom of her stomach about leaving Carter behind without any resolution. It was for the best, of course, that she take some time to consider what this meant for her. For them.

An alarm beeped on Amanda’s watch, signaling the end of her working lunch. And on to just, well, work. She had a consultation in fifteen minutes and she still had patient notes to look over before the appointment. The matter of the revenue cycle (and her heart) would have to wait. She clicked out of her email and went to the electronic patient records. Abigail Harris was due for a post-op appointment on a rhinoplasty. The patient hadn’t reached out with any concerns prior so it would most likely be a routine appointment. As she entered Abigail’s patient record, her phone buzzed. A quick look at the caller ID told her it was her best friend Mary.

For a moment, she wavered but she finally picked up the phone as it was about to go to voicemail. She needed a best friend’s input. “Mary?”

“Hey, Amanda. I just wanted to check in. You all ready for the conference tomorrow?”

Amanda smiled at just the sound of her friend’s voice. Their coffee and lunch dates had tapered off since Amanda left to pursue her own practice. It wasn’t that their friendship had faltered in any way. They were just two adult friends who realized that often, there wasn’t time for routine meetups.

“I’m ready, yeah. I just have a few things to see to before I go.”

There was a lengthy moment of silence through the phone before Mary finally said, “Okay, what’s wrong?” Amanda laughed. She couldn’t help it. It was remarkable how her best friend could always tell when something was off. Even through the phone, it was like her superpower to detect Amanda’s emotions. Still, she wasn’t quite sure how to answer the question. There was
nothing wrong, right? Just different.

“Carter told me he loved me?”

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Meet Lisa Bonham

Who am I? I am a curvy wine and food lover who is always dreaming of new romances. I am a cat and dog lover, an early riser, and have strong allergies to housework and dairy. I love hedonistic, spontaneous travel and intoxicating, intense experiences.

I then try to bring those immensely pleasurable emotions with rich detail in my books to share with you in fast-paced super exciting plots and gorgeous alpha characters with beautiful hearts and minds in irresistible stories.

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