May 5, 2023

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Book Title: Billionaire Patient Love
Series: The Sensual Treatment Series (Book 4)
By: Lisa Bonahm

I don’t play typical games but the ones I play, I always win.
Regardless of how taboo our relationship might become. I’m all in.
The “distractions” I’ve had with Eric have opened my heart and mind properly without needing to find decent lovers for my burning desires. His European background with constant experimentation as a norm has entertained me. For now.
I am clear on my pursuit of love and my flourishing career path. Michael has captivated my heart entirely with his energetic and superior intelligence and distinguished presence. I feel dazzling, respected, at ease and so happy around him.
I need to protect Michael, it is in my job and my heart…
Before we can move on, I will unfold the truth about Susan and Kevin. I know I am onto the real truth…
Not long now.


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Eric still sets my body on fire just by being close to me, but now that I know that it’s just for now, I bask in the feeling and let myself fantasize freely. It’s been too long since I’ve let myself feel these incredible sensations without trying to ignore or suppress what my body wants, and I decide that as long as I don’t actually react physically, I might as well let myself go and have some fun.

When dessert arrives, it feels like barely any time has passed at all. It turns out I ordered a rich chocolate mousse and a dollop of mint ice cream. It tastes absolutely divine, but it does nothing to cool me down. I glance to the side and see Eric cracking the shell of his crème brulée. My eyes follow the spoon to his mouth, and they linger just a little too long.

Eric notices, and his movements become a lot more flirty and seductive. I give him another cold glare, but there isn’t any real anger behind it. Eric seems to notice the shift in my mood, but he doesn’t say anything about it and decides to play along. It becomes almost like a game between us, and it’s dangerously close to flirting. Still, it’s just some playful fun and I have a blast. I even let Eric pull my chair out and help me up when it was time to go.

I’m really pleased with how the evening goes, especially when I look at Kelly. She seems so much more happy and more hopeful than when we arrived. I’ve had a lot of fun, but I’m ready to go home and put the whole day behind me. I’m so distracted by thoughts of a good book and my bed that I don’t notice Susan until I bump into her.

Meet Lisa Bonham

Who am I? I am a curvy wine and food lover who is always dreaming of new romances. I am a cat and dog lover, an early riser, and have strong allergies to housework and dairy. I love hedonistic, spontaneous travel and intoxicating, intense experiences. I then try to bring those immensely pleasurable emotions with rich detail in my books to share with you in fast-paced super exciting plots and gorgeous alpha characters with beautiful hearts and minds in irresistible stories.

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