July 24, 2023

Read Loving the Boss – 4-BookBox Set by Dove Daniels @DanielsDove #AgeGap #OfficeRomance #SteamyRomance

Book Title: Loving the Boss: 4-Book Box Set
By: Dove Daniels



Book 1 – Anders & Jenna
She found herself quickly falling for her new, sexy, older boss.
He fought against the pull the younger woman had on him.

Jenna’s new job provided her with a place to live, a decent salary, and the chance to prove herself. She had no plans to end up hot for her boss.
Anders dreaded hiring a new secretary, but Jenna turned out to be top-notch and the perfect replacement. He just needed to keep things professional and ignore the desire flaming to life between them.
Will Anders succeed in keeping a professional distance? Or will he break his own rules and allow himself a second chance at love?

Book 2 – Booker & Caroline
She convinced herself she could do casual with him.
He quickly realized he wanted more for the first time in his life.
Caroline has had a crush on her new boss since she was a teenager. She knows his reputation, but she can’t help her attraction. When he gives in and offers enticing casual conditions, she accepts, knowing she’ll have consequences to deal with.
Booker has had his eye on her for years, but making any kind of move before now made him feel like a dirty, old man. Caroline makes her interest known and Booker knows he’d be crazy to turn down the chance to get her in his bed. He’s never had a problem keeping his feelings out of his hookups. Why would it be an issue now?
Will Booker stick to his love ‘em and leave ‘em pattern? Or will Caroline be the one to turn his world upside down?

Book 3 – Hayden & Lexie
She wasn’t on the lookout for love.
He was already in way over his head.
Lexie didn’t have a bad life. Sure, maybe it wasn’t exactly what she wanted, but she couldn’t really complain. Then, a random trip to the grocery store, a crying baby, and a sexy-as-sin single daddy turn her world upside down.
Hayden loves his son with every ounce of his being, but he’s man enough to admit when he’s in need of help. He isn’t looking for a nanny at the grocery store, and he definitely doesn’t have time for love, but maybe fate has different plans.
Will Hayden and Lexie ignore the spark between them and keep things purely professional? Or will they give in to the growing inferno and see where the future might lead?

Book 4 – Ronin & Katie
She’d loved him for years, but she didn’t think he saw her as more than an assistant and friend.
He’d been blind to what was right in front of him for all these years.
Katie knows she has a great set-up. Great job, fabulous place to live, and a dream boss. Yeah, somewhere along the line, she let her feelings for her boss morph from employee to friend to love. Unrequited all the same, but still love. She needs to accept he’s never seen her that way and move on.
Ronin isn’t looking for a relationship, he’s not made for love. The only reason he’s even considering a marriage of convenience is because it would benefit his business. But every woman he goes out with is severely lacking and he’s punched in the gut when he realizes it’s because they aren’t Katie.
Will Ronin be able to convince Katie he’s in it for more than just a business arrangement? Can Katie risk her heart for the man she’s loved all these years?

Meet Dove Daniels

Dove Daniels is the author of short, sweet, dirty, and flirty romance. She adores writing about gorgeous alpha men and the women they love. Sign up for her newsletter- https://subscribepage.com/dovedanielsnewsletter

Connect with Dove

Website: https://dovedanielsauthor.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dovedanielsauthor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanielsDove
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dove_daniels_author
Amazon Profile: https://www.amazon.com/stores/author/B096KXTYDH
BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/dove-daniels
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/21626368.Dove_Daniels


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