May 17, 2023

Read Single Note by Chelsey Clark #Romance #Contemporary #Steamy

Book Title: Single Note
Pretty Curves Book 1
By: Chelsey Clark


I never thought that I would see Daniel again. But after I bumped into him, all the memories and emotions came flooding back in. He wasn’t just my ex. He was my first kiss and the only man I have ever loved. Six years ago, he left without any explanation, and now he’s back, trying to come back into my life. Even if I still love him, can I still trust him to not leave me again?
I wish I could go back in time and undo all my mistakes. I know that she deserved better than the note I left six years ago. She meant everything to me back then, and now that I’m seeing her again, I realize nothing has changed. She still means everything to me. I want her back, and I want to right my wrongs. But how will I make her trust me to never leave again?

The Pretty Curves Romance stories are captivating, spicy BBW reads that cover hot alpha men and the women they find irresistible. Each book can be read as a standalone or as a part of a series. There’s no unnecessary drama, cheating, or cliffhangers.
This short romance read series comes with interesting twists and turns that will keep you on your toes and a HEA ending that will melt your heart.


After a few bites of the cake, I smiled. The taste hadn’t changed one bit. It was the same cake she made for me on my 30th birthday, right before I left and broke her heart.
“Good, right?” Stephanie asked. I nodded silently.
Ever since I arrived in Minnesota a couple of months ago, Pink Treats has become my place of inspiration. I loved how the women came together to support each other and have fun. Apart from eating too much cake, I made great friends with the women, and I loved hanging out with them while I painted.
I couldn’t believe I had just bumped into Emily, the only woman I had ever been in love with. I dated a few women after meeting her, but for some reason, I always ended up looking for her in them. But I never quite found anyone like her. I later accepted my fate. You only fall in love once, and that was just my luck.


Meet Chelsey Clark

Hi, I’m Chelsey Clark, a Contemporary Fiction Author in the Romance Genre. I am a sucker for billionaire romances though I also read small town romances. My Stories usually have something hot and steamy, but also emotion-filled with a happy-ever-after ending. I left my corporate job to start my career as an author as I loved crafting stories and creating book worlds since childhood. I usually spend my time writing steamy romantic stories while having a hot cup of strong coffee. Check out Matthew, it's FREE

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