May 26, 2023

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Book Title: Candied Exposure
Series: The Sensual Treatment Series (Book 6)
By: Lisa Bonahm

A secret sweetheart but rough and wild as a lover as I need him to be sometimes taking charge and setting the pace that sends shivers down my spine.
He’s just so attentive and respectful toward women.
A true immaculately dressed, sophisticated, modern gentleman with a strong and dominating physique that sets my mind on fire.
I feel fragile and deliciously protected.
I flourish with deep happiness and thoughts of us building our lives and dreams together from the foundations of the luxurious lifestyle that he has built. He’s an infamous rockstar in his medical law world.
Being in this half-dating and half-friendship stage sucks.
I want to be enveloped in the embrace of this strong, silent bad boy with the most tender heart.
Will we always just be the party couple or a couple of life?

There’s a barrier around her that I don’t seem to be able to crack.
She feels distant and evasive.
I had thought that she had taken to me in the last few months.
There feels like a piece of me missing without Kimberly in my day, my heart, my life.
All this distraction needs to go away for us to build our lives together.
What is the wall made up of?
Will she let me into her heart?

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“Are you sure about this?” I ask Michael as I get to my feet. It would be better to stop things now if either of us has doubts, or we’ll have regrets later.

“Of course I am,” Michael says, getting to his feet as well. He holds my hips and walks me backward until my back hits the wall.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t,” he whispers in my ear, and kisses me again. That snaps what’s left of my control, and I know that nothing will be able to stop me now. I grab his shirt and kiss him back with a new fervor, my leg hooking around his in a subconscious attempt to pull him even closer to me.

“You’re quite eager, aren’t you?” Michael growls as we pull apart for air. “I bet you’d be happy enough if I just took you right here against the wall.” The words are so filthy and at odds with the sides of Michael I know, and they send a thrill through my body. Michael smirks at my wanton moan, but doesn’t move, simply holding me in place.

“But that’s hardly good enough for a first time,” he says. The words, first time echo through my mind. Does that mean there might be a second time?

Any thoughts of the future are jolted out of me when Michael suddenly picks me up and carries me to what I assume is his bedroom, where he drops me on the bed and climbs over me, his body forming an inescapable cage around me. My body is on fire, and I start pulling at my blouse, eager to move to the next part, but Michael’s long, slender fingers wrap around my wrists.

Meet Lisa Bonham

Who am I? I am a curvy wine and food lover who is always dreaming of new romances. I am a cat and dog lover, an early riser, and have strong allergies to housework and dairy. I love hedonistic, spontaneous travel and intoxicating, intense experiences. I then try to bring those immensely pleasurable emotions with rich detail in my books to share with you in fast-paced super exciting plots and gorgeous alpha characters with beautiful hearts and minds in irresistible stories.

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