August 16, 2023

Read Call It What You Want by Britt McKenna #Contemporary #Steamy #FakeRelationship #Romance

Book Title: Call It What You Want
By: Britt McKennna


All of this is fake. The expensive dates, the luxury vacations, the smoldering kisses… No way am I catching feelings for my fake, billionaire boyfriend.

Nope… No way.


Five years.

That’s how much time I wasted tied down to my narcissistic, cheating ex. When my brother asks me to help launch his new tech company, I jump at the chance for a fresh start.

Forget men. Forget romance. My family and career are all I care about.

Then, I run into my brother’s new investor at the launch party.


Immediately, the tall, dark, and handsome billionaire is annoyed. Apparently, women are constantly throwing themselves at him, hoping to get in the pants of his expensive 3-piece suit and dip their fingers in his family’s immense wealth.


I’m determined to prove him wrong and keep my distance, but then my ex crashes back into my life, threatening to ruin everything.

I’m more than a little surprised when Mr. Investor steps up and offers me a deal. Pretend to be his girlfriend for the summer to keep his old-fashioned family off his back, and he’ll make sure my brother’s company is a success.

Two birds, one stone.

What could possibly go wrong?


Call It What You Want is book one in the Lawson Lovers Series. It is a steamy standalone novel with no cliffhanger.

Meet Britt McKenna

Britt McKenna is an emerging author of steamy contemporary romances with strong-willed heroines and their morally grey love interests.

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