July 19, 2023

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Book Title: Billionaire Charm
Series: The Fractured Addictions Series (Prequel)
By: Lisa Bonahm


Torn between good and bad influences.

Harvard law school graduation party at Daniel’s family’s exorbitant luxurious home with fireworks, catering, and a sexy DJ with an elite, glamorous crowd creates an intoxicating encounter with Laura.

Billionaire family and friends in such decadent and extravagant surroundings make Daniel completely irresistible but yet what are these alarm bells that Laura is feeling?

Young boyish charm.
Top medical graduate.
Chiseled model body.
Pure love and attention.

Torn between good and bad influences.

The start of many scenes of addictive, steamy adventures with stunning alpha love explosions.

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“Hello Laura.”
“What do you want, Gavin.”
Leveling her tone, she threw him a glare.
“You look nice. Time has been kind to you.” He bared his teeth, in was she assumed was an attempt to grin.
She dug her nails into her thighs. Oh, how she wanted to avoid a scene. She looked around no one paid them heed.
“I see you received the short end of the stick. I would love to stay and chat, but I have better things to do. If you will excuse me.” She made to walk pass him, but he blocked her path. His smile now
“Now, where do you think you’re going?” He did not blink. “You used to be crazy about me. What changed?”
Once upon a time, she had been smitten with this bastard. What had she been thinking
“Get your hands off me before I get it off.” Her voice had gone cold.
“And cause a scene?” Laura felt her blood drain. Gavin chuckled. “You wouldn’t.”
She struggled to wrench her wrists off him to no avail. He moved his mouth close to her neck. Anyone looking would not suspect anything out of the ordinary was going on. She felt his breath,
hot and disgusting, fanning her cheek.
“Wouldn’t it be perfect for me to ease this tension off you?” He held her tightly, it hurt. Her nails were beginning to tear the skin, but she could barely feel it. Everything in her just needed to be as far
from this man as possible. “After all, we both know it wouldn’t be your first rodeo.”
Laura felt like she was about to be sick. Sure, she was used to having to fend off men at parties, but it was never this bad. Being used to it did not make it any easier to deal with.
Finally, she had had enough. Her open hand connected with his hateful face before she could control herself.
She slapped him.
Everywhere went silent

Meet Lisa Bonham

Who am I? I am a curvy wine and food lover who is always dreaming of new romances. I am a cat and dog lover, an early riser, and have strong allergies to housework and dairy. I love hedonistic, spontaneous travel and intoxicating, intense experiences. I then try to bring those immensely pleasurable emotions with rich detail in my books to share with you in fast-paced super exciting plots and gorgeous alpha characters with beautiful hearts and minds in irresistible stories.

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